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Wood Staining & Finishing Seminar


Wood Finishing Specialist

Wood Finishing Specialist

  • Integrates the use of the SHER-WOOD® BAC samples box and teaches principles of wood staining and finishing (See attached seminar outline)
  • Designed for sales reps and professional finishers
  • Seminar length, 3 hours maximum

Scheduling and Pricing

  • $185.00 per attendee, with a 10-person minimum
  • Seminars may be scheduled with 6 week advance notice and a deposit of 50%, by contacting us on our website.
  • Old Timber Trading Co. will provide printed program materials, finishing equipment (when applicable) and raw sample material
  • Sherwin-Williams entity will provide a sufficiently sized venue for the expected number of attendees, with tables and video viewing equipment set-up in the presentation space
  • Sherwin-Williams entity will provide stain, finishing materials and sundries
  • Sherwin-Williams entity will pay travel and other expenses for the seminar presentation


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