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The Art of Wood Finishing



“The purpose of this seminar is to integrate the use of the SHER-WOOD® BAC samples box set in the enhancement of understanding the process of stain finishing on wood for sales reps, professional on-site and shop finishers”

I General Basics

  • Safety Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment

II PreparationFor Finishing

  • In-Shop
  • On-Site

III Wood Species Identification

  • Hardwood
  • Soft Wood
  • Maple

IV Wood Preparation

  • Removing pencil marks, smudges
  • Sanding raw wood
  • Wood fillers
  • Removing dust and loose material
  • Conditioning
  • Wash Coats

V Stain Type Selection

  • Penetrating Stain
  • Wiping Stain
  • NGR Stain
  • Dye Stain

VI Stain Application

  • Preparing the stain
  • Basic application techniques
  • Blending light and dark areas
  • Repairing defects encountered during application
  • Interval between application and wiping
  • Wiping techniques
  • Dry time
  • Troubleshooting problems

VII Color Toning

  • Shading
  • Glazing
  • Troubleshooting problems

VIII Sealing the Stain

  • Sealer types
  • Application techniques
  • Sanding after sealer application
  • Troubleshooting problems

IX Finish Application

  • Clear finish types
  • Sheen selection
  • Application techniques
  • Sanding between coats
  • Troubleshooting problems

X Proper Spray Application Techniques

  • Equipment
  • Atomization
  • Overspray
  • Millage
  • Spraying angles, speeds and distances
  • Retarders and thinners
  • Troubleshooting problems

XI Producing Project Samples

  • Origin of desired stain finish to be produced
  • Wood species selection
  • Sample approval
  • Using the sample as a guide during the finishing process

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