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Genesis pre-stain wood treatment was developed through many years of experimenting by a cabinet finishing company on the leading edge of the finishing industry.

Maple wood continues to be a staining obstacle for cabinet builders and finishers alike because of its hard, non-porous, tight grained characteristics. When staining maple, even with furniture grade wiping stain, it typically has a blotchy and uneven appearance. If a spray stain application is used the wood can have a solid appearance eliminating the beauty of the wood grain. Genesis wood treatment was created to simplify the staining process, providing a furniture quality finish and enhancing the natural appearance of the species.

Genesis wood treatment has been compared to other wood conditioners and other techniques on maple and has proven to be the best choice for your staining project.

Although, specifically designed for maple wood Genesis can be used on similar tight grained, non-porous, hard wood species. Genesis is not intended for use on soft, porous wood species.


DIRECTIONS:  Apply Genesis using a lint free wiping cloth. Wiping is the only application recommended. Do not spray or brush Genesis Wood Treatment. The application should be wiped evenly over a clean, dry, unfinished wood surface. Do not oversaturate the wood. Allow to dry for 30 minutes before applying stain.
Thinning is not recommended.

Old Timber Trading Company recommends testing this product on a small inconspicuous area before use on your entire project.

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